Plastique Frapa inc. is a family owned and operated company (the Wolf family).
Mr.Francois Wolf Senior incorporated it in 1969 as a mould making company. One year later he added plastic injection machines to his operation.

For the next 30 years, Plastique Frapa produced moulds and plastic parts for many different companies including marketing tools for Hitachi and Toronto Dominion Bank and jet fighter parts for Canadair and Canadian Aviation Electric (CAE).

Mr.Wolf also designed and manufactured N.F.T. Systems (irrigation) for the greenhouse industry. In 1999, he decided to built his own plastic and mould production plant. Mr.Wolf designed and contracted the 20 000 square feet building himself. Since 2001, Plastique Frapa is manufacturing exclusively its own products: ultrasonic fog generators. An electronic manufacturing division had to be added to the existing facility. Over the last 5 years, the fog generators evolved significantly compare to the original version. The product was modified to adapt to different use and markets. The final versions are now available and quite more resistant and easy to use.


1594 Route 201
Ormstown, QC
Canada, J0S 1K0
Ph: 450-829-1177
Fax: 450-829-1175
e-mail: info@frapaplas.com
Web: www.frapaplas.com