We have been using Frapa Plastics MDFD-1 humidifiers for several years for the germination and propagation of seedlings in our nursery production.
We are very satisfied by this product and it has been very effective in humidity control.

Christian Boulet
Québec Multiplants



After many years of using the ultrasonic fogger system,  (8 years), I can confirm that this is the system that has given me the greatest satisfaction in the humidity control in my cheese ripening rooms.


Michel Larivière
Saputo Produits Laitiers Canada S.E.N.C.


The Upper Canada Cheese Company has been utilizing Frapa foggers in all of our ripening rooms since 2008. They provide a reliable source of controlled humidity especially when paired with humidistats. Their customer service is always responsive and we are happy to recommend their product.

Vivian Szebeny
Managing Partner
Upper Canada Cheese


We have been a customer of Plastique Frapa for several years ( at least 6-7 years) We are satisfied with the humidification units we bought. The after service is very good for parts and technical support.
I recommend this company for businesses that want to humidify rooms or spaces of production.

Christian Chagnon
chief electrical mechanic
Fromagerie de Corneville, Agropur
Fine Cheeses Division


For more than 10 years, the factory of Agropur Oka, Fine Cheese Business Unit, has been using ultrasonic humidifiers from Plastique Frapa to maintain the humidity level at 96% in their cheese ripening rooms.

The ultrasonic humidifiers units are mechanically simple, uses purified water by a filtration system (osmose) to create a pure fog and increase the lifetime of the fog generators.

The distinguished advantage of Frapa’s humidifiers is their efficiency and simplicity in regards to mechanical and sanitary maintenance.

On my behalf, I recommend the integration of  the ultrasonic humidifier unit from Plastique Frapa for all industries needing to raise humidity levels in a room.

Simon Brunet,eng.
Project and Maintenance Eng.
Agropur Fine Cheese Business Init


This letter is to testify of the accomplishment of the humidifiers from Plastique Frapa.
These devices are unmatched.  Since their  installation in our urban farm, they been incredibly r useful. They serve to maintain a constant humidity in our growing rooms, reduce paid hours that were once spent for manual watering, and reduce for variation due to human error.   Plants do not suffer any water stress, and we no longer have to worry about surrounding humidity, since the moisture level is supported by the humidistat. Our machines work 24/24 and 365 days a year.

We bought our first humidifier in the late nineties, and we have adopted this technology after a brief conclusive trial. Maintenance is simple and the service is impeccable when necessary.

I can with confidence, recommend Plastique Frapa as an excellent supplier, and Mr. Francois Wolf as a partner that listens to all the specific needs of their customers.

Philippe Robillard
La Ferme Pousse-Menu

We have been using MDFD-1 humidifiers for several years with complete satisfaction.

Gilbert Lavoie
Production Director
S.C.A. Isle-aux-Grues


This email is to confirm that we are using Plastique Frapa  systems since 2007 for our refining  facilities. The humidity is maintained well and maintenance is minimal.

Michel Pichet
Fromagerie F.X. Pichet
Champlain (Québec)