Universities and Research Centers: Our products are really appreciated among researchers around the world. It really opens “new worlds” for them with infinite possibilities. MORE

Cheese Caves: During cheese ripening in cheese cave, relative humidity has to be around 95%. Can you imagine the problems that it causes: water accumulation on floors, equipment, cheese, building damages, etc. With dry fog, those problems are solved and master cheese maker are reporting many other advantages including: better flora development on cheese, less weight lost during ripening and no contamination caused by free water. MORE

Greenhouses: Growers are using our Foggers for plant propagation, seed germination and tissues culture. In addition to installation cost reduction compare to other systems, low maintenance, complete humidity control, no water deposit on walls, floors, and plants, time savings, they also report: For seed germination: penetrating humidity inside the seeds and growing medium, faster germination and better germination rate,
For propagation: no stress on plants, no yellowing and softening of the leaves, no wilting, water caused diseases reduction, better watering control, ideal environment for root formation, faster root formation, lost reduction, specially on longer root formation variety and improved higher quality clones. MORE

The poultry industryuses are ultrasonic fog generators mainly for egg storage (commercial eggs, hatching eggs and vaccine production eggs). Since egg shelves are porous, water deposit must not occur, otherwise there will be contamination. MORE

Food Storage : Having no water deposit on perishables practically eliminates spoilage and improves quality (appearance, hardness, etc.). By being able to raise relative humidity over 90% in food storage warehouses, there is also some important weight lost avoided. MORE

Printing: When air is very dry, the printing industry has problems with ink drying, film quality reduced by too much static electricity and dust, equipment malfunctioning, etc. These problems have tremendous cost. It they humidify with traditional methods, the problems are reversed and ink is diluted, films or equipment becomes wet, etc. Of course using our ultrasonic Foggers eliminates those problems. Note: a reverse osmosis water filtration system is generally needed to control water quality that will be fed to the Foggers in this type of industry. MORE

Our fog is very delicate (light) and dissipates easily. Show business usually uses other methods of fog producing (ex: dry ice). These other methods do have more fog, faster and at a lower cost. But even with these disadvantages, our fog was very much appreciated by the famous Cirque du Soleil for its unbelievable natural look. It was used at 2 different shows from Le Cirque du Soleil including the opening night ceremony for the XI FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (swimming) held in Montreal in July 2005. MORE

Mushrooms: Mushroom growing needs also a high relative humidity (around 90%). The same difficulties as in food storage and cheese ripening are rising when using traditional methods of producing humidity. Again our ultrasonic fog generators are fixing these problems and even better: growers are reporting serious accelerated growth rate. MORE

There is a lot of other applications and markets for our dry humidity produced by ultrasonic fog generator. Here are some examples:

  • Flower storage
  • Wine caves
  • Smoke house (smokers)
  • Bakery
  • Paper and wood processing
  • Fruit, vegetable and live stock transportation
  • Food display counters

In any new application, we are always looking for Beta-Site. If you are interested in becoming one please contact us.